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Dry river beds- perfect for controlling water run-off during heavy rains.
Dry river bed at the bottom of a driveway to prevent erosion.
New landscape design and installation.
Natural stone textured stamped concrete.
Failing pavers- caused by poor base and drainage.
Paver restoration, cleaned, leveled, bonding sand, and sealed….looks like new!
New paver installation with new landscape and lighting.
This area has been leveled for an above ground pool, with compacted base and 2″ of finishing sand to cushion the liner.
Cedar wood vegetable garden- 7ft tall to keep the deer out! 20 x 20
Paver trim- for driveways and walkways.
Buried 4″ piping for sump pump or downspout- eliminates water near foundation, run off, erosion, and above ground piping.
Turf repair and leveling- topsoil compost blend, seed, starter fertilizer, and penn mulch for moisture retention.
Grading and leveling for HVAC System.
Grading and leveling HVAC System, finished with mulch. When settling occurs around the foundation of the house your HVAC System will settle as well, causing premature wear and costly replacement.
3 to 4 ft boulder steppers, large secure steppers, for use as stepping stones or steps.
Mulch installation and landscaping maintenance.
Spring clean-up and mulch!
Large retaining walls.
Rustic trail hiking flagstone steppers; great for garden beds or tricky hills.
Sitting walls- great add-on for a patio.
Before picture for landscape removal.
After picture of landscape removal.
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