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Landscaping Maintenance Before and After

Ellicott City landscaping maintenance and gardening services
Landscapers and Gardeners providing Landscaping services for Ellicott City and the surrounding area. Landscaping Overhauls , Design and Maintenance
Look, it happens. Sometimes things pile up around the house, a project goes on for months, a sickness or unexpected event makes you unable to keep up with your property or take care of it how you’d like. But that doesn’t mean your project is impossible, it just means you need a little help. For today’s Before and After we have a quaint brick home lost in what appeared to be a landscaping project gone wrong. The ProServ team was able to clear and clean out the front completely and landscape some clean and simple greenery that allowed the house to be seen- and it’s a great looking house. The backyard was a similar (but denser) operation as the team cleared out wild overgrowth to produce a nice walkway and garden area. Another case closed. If this looks like your property, let’s talk.






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